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The Nova Zoning Group was developed in response to the increasing demand for clients to receive quick and reliable property zoning analysis that outlines zoning conformance. This analysis gives Nova clients greater comfort with the overall property compliance with the local zoning laws. Without a reliable zoning report that thoroughly examines your property in advance of the transaction, the risk of an unknown zoning violation could result in a substantial delay of your closing or unexpected costs.

Nova's Expertise

Our team is comprised of Zoning professionals that have 30+ combined years of zoning experience. The Nova Zoning Group specializes in a complete analysis of the site's zoning compliance, we offer competitive pricing and a high-quality product. 
The highly trained team of zoning analysts offer detailed reports of the most complex real estate sites. Exceeding industry standards, these reports are trusted and relied upon by lenders, attorneys, surveyors, brokers, and other real estate professionals nationwide.


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Full-Service Zoning Conformance Reports (ZCR)

What is a Zoning Conformance Report?

Nova has developed a Zoning Conformance Report that provides a complete and reliable analysis that speaks to the overall conformance of a property. Our report highlights what uses are permitted and outlines the current requirements for any particular zone. The Report compares the current requirements of the municipal zoning code to what is existing on the property using an American Land Title Association (ALTA) Survey to determine conformance.

What is included in the Zoning Conformance Report?

Along with the ZCR, we will include all applicable municipal documents as listed below: 

  • Zoning Verification Letter

  • Notice of any open zoning, building, and fire code violations

  • Notice of applicable variance/special/conditional use permits or approvals

  • Certificates of Occupancy 

  • Final Approved Site Plan (if available from the municipality)

  • Applicable Municipal Zoning Code Sections

What is required to complete a Zoning Conformance Report?

•    Property Address(es)
•    Property Use 
•    ALTA Survey (including Gross Land Area, Building Footprint, Building Height & Parking Count)
•    Legal Description / Lot & Block (If Available) 
•    Tax Parcel / APN Number (If Available) 
•    Date of Construction (If Available)

We continually evolve to meet the current industry standards and regularly update our process to give our customers the best service possible. We can tailor our reports to your project needs. 

Contact Us. 

Alicia Taylor | Nova Zoning Group Lead | Email | 405-496-3105

Ask Us.

Nova Group, GBC (Nova) is an international advising firm providing innovative environmental and engineering services in the areas of risk assessment, investigation, management, compliance and corrective action activities.

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